About Claudia Clark Myers

I come to the quilt world from a sewing and theater background. For 26 years, I was a costume designer for the Baltimore Opera Company, The Minnesota Ballet, A. T. Jones Costumers in Baltimore and Malabar Costumers in Toronto. For five years I was an instructor in the theater department at the College of St Scholastica, teaching costume design and construction. For the past twenty five years designing and making art quilts has been my passion and pre-occupation.

Many of my quilts are collaborations with my friend, Marilyn Badger and together, we have won many awards at the National Quilt competitions.

I have written a book with patterns for non-traditional quilts from traditional beginnings---"A Passion for Piecing" published by C&T Publishing. It is aimed fairly and squarely at the adventuresome quilter. Some of my books and patterns are available on this website.

Antiques are also a consuming interest and at my booth in Father Time Antiques, Canal Park, Duluth, Mn, I specialize in vintage jewelry, Scandinavian items and beautiful Persian rugs.

My own line of re-designed-from-vintage jewelry can also be seen there and is available in the shop on this site.

My husband, Tom, a retired physician, is also an accomplished potter, working in porcelain and specializing in high-fire glazes, as seen in the gallery of his work.  Some of his pieces are also available, here.

I hope you enjoy looking at my quilts. Quilting is an ongoing necessity in my life, so there will continue to be new quilts added. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to talk about my enthusiasms.