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Old Dogs with New Tricks

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

There's no denying that I'm an old dog. I've been around since before Mid Century Modern. And, as far as new tricks, I know the old brain is still working, even though it has developed a few glitches and started making strange, grinding noises when it is engaged in a thought process. But, no matter, because the hearing is going, also.

So, recently, I have come up with a new idea--at least I think it's new because I haven't ever seen it produced or offered before. But, of course, that doesn't always mean much, so, I am hereby staking claim to this new thing--putting my name on it, sticking my flag into it, working all hours of the day and night on it--and enjoying every minute!

I have now been a quilter since 1991, when I attended that first quilt show. In the beginning, knowing nothing, I purchased every quilt book that appeared on the racks and tried many patterns, took many classes. I now know how to make a quilt, meaning that, given a new idea for a quilt, I can follow through and pretty much produce a 3-layer "blanket" that has a large piece of fabric on the back, fuzzy stuff in the middle and a, hopefully, attractive melange of colors and cottons stitched together or stitched on top of each other to make the "body" or the "face" or the "top" of said quilt----all held together with, in my case, machine stitching in as regular a pattern as I can manage.

What's more, I don't believe I am alone in this. I think there are thousands of us out there who know how to make quilts. Here's the question--if you like to cook and you know how to cook, what kind of a cookbook do you buy? One that gives you all the basics of cooking? Or one that gives you some interesting recipes to try? Do you buy a book with one recipe? I don't think so! You buy one with some choices.

TADA!!! That's my idea! A "cookbook" of projects for quilters. I know, it took me awhile to get around to the"reveal", didn't it?

But, I've been having a great time, designing original quilts of all sizes, wall hangings and table runners, baby quilts and pillow tops to put into what I'm going to call "Project Books". They will have a degree of dfficulty, from "Well, that went well" to "I can't believe I really made that!"

But, most will be squarely aimed at the adventuresome quilter who is looking for some interesting things to make--four or five projects per booklet, each booklet having a "focus" block with "supporting blocks" to make it intriguing.

They are mostly paper-pieced, with the Master foundation blocks provided. The blocks all finish at 7.5, so you can switch them around-and also copy them on 8.5 by 11 inch paper--or enlarge them, if you wish. There might be some machine applique here and there, or some curved piecing or fusing, but the instructions are all there for you. Best of all are the fabric insights and the pages of blocks for each project, pictured in the original fabrics, with lots of examples and instructions like "make 8 of these". And every pattern has at least two suggested colorways to get you thinking--or make more than one.

I'm sorry--this was a blatent advertisement, wasn't it? Shameless hussie that I am!

So---I hope this answers a need, fills a niche, jump-starts your Summer fun--because I'm certainly having a great time making them!!

***I already have 10 booklets in the works, the first two are ready, with 2 more to follow this next week, and they are available in my shop on this website--or go back to the landing page and look for the "shop" tab. Here are some of the projects. More about them on the shop page.

Book 1 has four projects and is $39.95 plus shipping

Book 2 has five projects and is $46.95 plus shipping.

anything over $50 is shipped free in the US.

Books 3 and 4 are coming soon.! Click on shop

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