I teach this pattern in a wall hanging size, as a beginning paper piecing class. The Palm Leaf, especially, is a good place to start. Then the Compass pieced frames and then the two point sections.


This pattern gives two different sized quilts for you to choose from. The larger one is 90" by 90" and the smaller is 72 "by 72".  The pattern comes with the Masters of each of the blocks, which each print out on 8.5 by 11" copy paper. Cutting and paper piecing instructions are given, along with yardages and fabric suggestions. There are  five colorways to think about, also. There is a line drawing of each of the two sizes, to help in the construction and there are lots of tips to help you out.


 The palm leaf block is pieced in two sections and sewn together, corner to corner,  after the paper is removed. The "frames" are paper pieced and sewn together as are the two point sections, A and B. Then, I like to turn the curved edge of the frame, glue it and machine applique it to the point section with a straight stitch very close to the edge--instructions included. The hardest thing will be choosing the fabrics so that the compass points that make the right and left sides  of the points contrast with each other. There are also some quilting suggestions drawn out for you to think about.

Blue Moon quilt pattern