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I need your help and I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

 I discovered about two years ago that I really enjoy writing, but mostly, I enjoy making people laugh at my stories. So, I've been writing a pretty funny column every other Wednesday in the Duluth News Tribune.

Now, the gracious Board of the DNT has given me permission to re-print my columns in book form. Yes! Wowzer! So that's what I'm doing, plus adding some new stories, anecdotes and generally trying to make it something the reading public will "have-to-have".

Here's my problem; I have no idea if it will sell. So, I have no idea how many to have printed. A friend suggested I do a "pre-printing sale, to see if there's anybody out there who wants to know why you never go through an octopus car wash with your cross country skis strapped to the top of your car. Right?


The price for this 30 chapter, 25,000 word book, after February 24th, will be $16.99 plus $4.00 shipping and yes, tax.

Right Now, you can get it for $14.00 plus $4.00 shipping AND I'll be good for the tax. PLUS, I'll even sign it to you, if that turns your crank. I hear you say-"Who is she, anyway? Do you know, Martha?"


ALL JUST SO I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW MANY BOOKS TO PRINT. Such a deal!  There's a chapter titled "Disasters I Have Known" and one anecdote about sourdough starter, that mysterious  gooey substance, exploding all over the inside of a friend's nice, warm car. You'd want to read about those, right?

Well, then, punch the pre-sale button and get on the list! And thanks for helping out!

When you go to the check-out, be sure to select "Media Mail $4.00" from the drop-down menu that says "Priority Mail $6.00" or you will wind up paying $6

Book "The Storyteller-First of All" by Claudia Myers

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$16.99 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price
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