This is the pattern for the one-of-a-kind Mediterannean Sunshine, aka Mediterranean Beauty. The main block is an original Claudia Myers and is called the Off-Kilter New York Beauty. The quilt is queen-size to King, depending on how many and how wide your borders are.

The block is paper-pieced, then curved pieced. You can also use the top-stitched applique method that has instructions included in the package, The border is either strip pieced or (recommended)paper-pieced, up to you. The pattern comes with Master copies of each pattern piece and foundation and you will either make copies yourself or have Office Max, Kinkos, etc, do it. The cutting, sewing and construction directions are included as well as fabric insight to help you choose.

Limited Edition means there are only 15 copies of this pattern made. They are signed, numbered and when they are gone, they are gone.

PATTERN ONLY-Mediterranean Sunshine, Limited Edition

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