IThree lots put together gives you 4 necklaces, four bracelets (one cuff), three pins (one large leaf) and seven pairs of earrings (two enameled Matisse in HTF red and turquoise). One necklace is repurposed, one is set with Goldstones and not marked and two are marked Renoir. The cuff bracelet matches the Cleopatra necklace, as do the one pair of earrings, except they are red. If I find the pair that is plain copper, I will send those along, too. One bracelet is repurposed from a copper chain chunky with single earrings, the other three are Renoir and unusual. There is a lovely, large copper leaf pin, a charming little balaleika and a large amber rhinestone flower pin that I added for the sparkle. The seven pairs of earrings include two Matisse enameled, one HTF red, one HTF turquoise and the others might be the ones you need to complete your sets.

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THREE RENOIR MATISSE LOTS Copper jewelry 18 pieces