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There is nothing more beautiful than a well made antique Persian rug. The hand-spun yarns glow with the vibrant colors of the old vegetable dyes. The fascinating patterns passed down in families from centuries past could be studied for a lifetime. The rugs themselves are treasures to be handed down to become a part of another generation. Their usefulness is not limited, they go with every lifestyle. That's why I love them and that's why I sell them.

In Duluth, Minnesota, at Father Time Antiques in Canal Park, I have a large booth, full of Persian rugs of every type, every color, in most sizes. They are all hand-knotted, semi-antique (1920 to 1950) and the prices range from $145 to $1.200, with most in the $300 to $500 range.

I do not ship, you have to see them and pick them up during shop hours, 11 to 5:30, 7 days a week.

here are a few examples of rugs I have at the moment that I would like to share with you.

Archeological Kashmar 10 by 13 $1200.jpg
Shadsar Kashan 6.3 by 9.jpg 9866 $
Serapi 5.1 by 7 $395.jpg



Lilihan 4.8 by 8 $525.jpg

LILIHAN 4.8 BY 8--9908--$525

Lilihan 5.4 by 8.1.jpg
Malayer runner 3.8 by 10.3 $425.jpg
Karache Viss 5.2 by 7.9 $395.jpg
Karajah 7 by 10.jpg
Blue Nahavand 4.4 by 8.2.jpg

9858--Karajeh Herez 6'7" by 10'3" $445 firm  SOLD

9857'--Blue Nahavand-4'4" by 8'2"  $495 firm SOLD

Shadsar Kashan 6.3 by 9.jpg

SHADSHAR KASHAN  6.3 BY 9 9866--$865

Karache 3.10 by 6.2.jpg

9855--Viss Karache- 3' 10"by 6'2"  $425 firm

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