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Claudia Myers (That's ME!)has been writing a twice-monthly column in the Duluth (MN) News Tribune for a little over two years. As an 82-year-old- woman with an amazing memory, a sharp sense of humor and an unusual view of life, her stories are funny, insightful and somehow familiar to the average reader. She was a costume designer for ballet and grand opera for many years, has owned several businesses, including the present one, selling Persian rugs, and is well-known in the competitive quilt world, where she is an author, teacher and has won awards at all the National shows. From these experiences she write stories in a conversational style such as "Disasters I Have Known" and "Go Big or Get Outta Here". An easy read, guaranteed for 16 chuckles, 12 giggles and at least 7 snorts.

Be sure and tell me if you want it signed and to whom and if you want it Media mailed or will pick it up in Duluth, MN.

"The Storyteller" by Claudia Myers an illustrated book of laugh-out-loud stories

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